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Are we really Person-centred?

Further information and discussion on my article "The problem with Pluralism", which was featured in the May 2014 edition of Therapy Today

Although the article was entitled "The Problem of Pluralism", it was not aimed at the Pluralistic approach (ala Cooper and McCloud) which I actually have a lot of time and respect for. Instead, it was regarding the difficulty of integrating the person-centred approach with other approaches to Counselling, especially CBT, whilst maintaining an accurate label of person-centred therapy. The published article can be read online by clicking HERE.

I would also like to share the final draft of the article that I sent to BACP. This article was changed by the magazine for space, readability etc but thought it may be helpful to share my own version, which was a bit longer, more in-depth and personal. You can access this article by clicking HERE.

Publications / Media. Therapy Today Article

I have also taken part in an online interview to discuss this topic further. You will need to be a member of Onlinevents to access the library for the recording but I highly recommend joining the service as there are hundreds of valuable interviews and resources with all types of people. More information can be found HERE


If you have attended one of my previous workshops on this topic and would like to discuss it further or you are interested in booking a workshop please use the contact details provided on the website.

Some really great articles on a similar topic can be found here:

Can you be integrative and a person-centered therapist at the same time? Arthur C. Bohart

Can I use techniques and still be Person-Centred? - David Murphy

Psychotherapy, Ontology and Therapist positioning - Why simplistic integrationist approaches dont work - David Murphy

Principled and instrumental nondirectiveness in person-centered and client-centered therapy - Barry Grant

I also thought it may be useful to post a link to the book I referenced in the article which I have found an indispensable learning tool, which covers so many areas and from a great writer

Practicing Client-Centered Therapy: Selected Writings of Barbara Temaner Brodley.

Student Articles

Here are two articles that I wrote as a student for BACP about my experiences as a trainee Counsellor:

First Client


And another article a few years later about some links between the Dalai Lama and Counselling!

Inner Peace and the search for Happiness - The Dalai Lama and Counselling


I welcome any further discussion on the topic of Person-centred Counselling (and any other areas for that matter!) I will post any relevant information, questions, answers, resources etc here. If you would like to get in touch then please feel free by using the contact form HERE.

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